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There is no fibre in your area. We might have you covered in another way though

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About fibre

All you need to know about fibre from Iclix

What is fibre

Fibre has the lowest latency of all the internet connections, This means that you get a faster connection for less. Fibre allows us to connect you to the internet using light as a medium. Even though you are transmitting data over light we still need some physical infrastructure

This is where our fibre providers like Openserve, Vumatel and frogfoot to name a few come in. They lay the fibre lines so that external factors such as the weather do not affect your connection

Why do i need a site inspection? New fibre installation where there is no ONT device present

We need to indicate where the fibre ONT device is to be installed by the fibre provider so the internal equipment needed will fully cover the premises as well

Fibre providers only include a certain meter distance for trenching in the original installation amount, this means that additional meters can be billed by the provider directly to your account if we have not performed the check first

Why do i need a site inspection? Existing ONT device or fibre line

In this case we need to ensure the ONT device is in place and no other hardware is missing before we can apply for your line to be provisioned. The previous connection also needs to be checked and made sure it was properly cancelled as we can't go through the provisioning process if the connection is still active

This also gives us a chance to make sure of any additional equipment needed on the premises, We can then place the order on our side for the fibre provider to provision the service

Once the order has been placed and any installation that is needed or provisioning has been done by the fibre provider we can then schedule an installation from our side for your wireless and network requirements to access your fibre line

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