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Fax to Email Services
Fax 2 E-mail is a FREE service that links a unique fax number and e-mail address together, so if anyone sends a fax to that number you will receive that fax right in your e-mail inbox.

A great feature about this service is how quick you can signup and we require none of your personal details. It is completely anonymous.

If you're a business owner your employees can each get their own personalised fax number. Never miss a fax again! Better organize your digital faxes and receive them wherever you are.

All you need to do is fill in your e-mail address and you'll be saving ink/toner in no time.

Get unlimted free fax numbers now!

Please Note: If no faxes have been received within 3 months, the fax number will expire.
People sending faxes to your fax number will be billed R2.50 per min. 

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or simply contact us via email: info@iclix.co.za and we will arrange one for you.

Iclix IT Solutionsss

Iclix is very determined to find a solution for every problem at hand, if it has not been developed yet, Iclix will find a way to make it work, We constantly look for new / updated and affordable equipment to fit your needs, if your area can't connect we build a tower or find a way to provide you with wireless internet or any other service you may require



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